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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lost in Overflowing Self Aspects...

It's sunset again and my oh my! I'm quite disorganized today and I'm wondering why?.., perhaps I've been spending too much time on looking at myself, in my room, on my desk, in my work, and bragging about me in my tomorrow. Hey! too many "my's" there, wait a minute!..(Gasp!) I don't know who I am now! I became soo busy attending to my tasks and keeping up with the world of different influencial individual, for my namesake and now...'hate to admit it!, but I'm LOST! What went wrong?., What did I missed?? I thought I was so focused!
Then...my phone alarmed...DING!!..it was a text, "Papa uwi ka aga....pasalubong".......and...WHOA!! That's IT!!! I was full of myself and was very self-focused. what a selfish brat I was! Gosh! I fail to noticed the presence of inspirations that sorrounds me where I derived my true strength.
OH my GOD!...I missed!......I'm out of here....ciao!

Wala lang....tamang senti.....

He who gain his life shall loose it, He who loose his life shall gain it!

....The verse in the BOOK escapes me, neverheless, it healed a selfish self......


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