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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Rope

'Got sick last week. These influenza virus really put me down this time. Fever, cough, runny nose and phlegm rolled into one. Headache strikes once in a while too. Well..., to be productive, I tried to use the recovering time to reflect on those stories that I once heard and jotted down, such were quite oldies but the inspiration never subsided with its age, it's like a refreshing touch that boost my inner strength.

One of those stories that touched me is about a good mountain climber with so much passion and pride in climbing mountains and conquering it's peak. This man, one day started to climb the mountain on his own for he wanted the glory all by himself. He's quite confident, always considering his wide experience and skill about the craft. So eventhough the mountain is slippery due to the snowy weather and the visibility is hazy, he still went on confidently. In the middle of his climb and while its getting dark, a strong wind surprised him and made him loosed his grip from a rock, he fell into the air, falling at great speed but he was able to hold on to the rope as he fall. The rope, as expected helped to stopped his fall and support his weight. His body was hanging in the air. He can't see anything from his position for darkness already filled his sorroundings. At this point, he tied himself securely to the rope. And the very once confident man found himself nowhere, helpless, and with great fear. In the midst of the freezing and zero visibility weather, he cried out for help,"Help me God!" Because God cannot turn His back for anyone who needs Him, He answered with a clear and strong voice. "What do you want me to do? "Save me God!" he answered back. Then God said, "Do you really think I can save you?" "For sure You can my God!"he responded. "You'll be safe, just cut the rope and let go." God replied. Now, there was a moment of silence. The man was confused with the idea and did not find it logical to let go of the thing that is keeping him alive. He didn't followed the voice. He decided to hold on to the rope with all his strength.
Next morning the rescue team found him....frozen and dead, still hanging from his rope and holding it very tight. One of the guys remarked, "I wonder why he didn't let go of the rope, he's just 7 feet from the soft ground. He could have survived if he just let go."

Many of us find skepticism toward the faith. In these times of technological advancement and fast-paced lifestyle, we feel that something abstract like faith cannot stand the rigors of our situations and even our daily life, thus we continue to hold on to our "logical views", talents, money, skills, gadgets, and many more, to the point of disobeying God's words and being deaf when He speaks. Or perhaps we are too pre-occupied on pushing ourselves up for corruptible recognitions that we forgot about Faith--the thing that connects us to God. Surely without it, it's impossible to please God who dearly loves us. And this attitude of an individual limits His blessings and His hand to move for our sake. It's like a gift that's constantly rejected due to lesser treasures, and thus was't enjoyed.

Just a thought....how attached are we to our rope(s)? Will we believe strongly, then let go and let God?

Have a blessed day!

Proverbs 3:5
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding."


At 1:21 PM, July 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was so true! It was so hard to obey God at times.

When we chose to follow Jesus, we have to obey Him. We obey Him because we love him. The Holy Spirit will points out what is right and we must do it eagerly. There is a purpose in everything. So lets cling on to our rope tightly. :)

At 1:23 PM, July 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rope to follow Jesus I mean! :P

At 2:09 PM, July 19, 2006, Blogger Wendy said...

Faith — the link between God and man. Trust Him and He will never let us down. *smile*

Another beautiful post to ponder... really inspirational!

God bless flex J!

Pagaling ka pa lalo, galing ka rin pala sa sakit.

At 3:10 PM, July 19, 2006, Blogger ken said...

at this point in time, i'm keeping the FAITH.

At 5:29 PM, July 19, 2006, Blogger An Ordinary Christian said...

What a lovely inspiration to wake up to this morning!

At 6:34 PM, July 19, 2006, Blogger Kitty Cheng said...

What a great thought! I am certainly attached to my rope(s) at times, pray that I can let go and let God more and more each day.

At 6:20 AM, July 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the second time i read this today. hmm... maybe God is telling me to let go of the rope. i think He's telling me to trust Him. thanks for sharing this. God bless. :)

At 8:27 AM, July 20, 2006, Blogger Flex J! said...

Yes, that's right, we must cling to the rope that leads to Jesus and not otherwise....

I'm well now. Thanks for dropping by.

Glad to meet you here. Thanks for visiting.

An ordinary Christian,
Your post also inspired me as well. Thanks!

Amen to that! We should continually pray to God to help us let go and let Him rule our daily life....
Thanks for dropping by...

You're welcome Pia! Glad to see your name in my comment box.
God bless you too...

--flex j!--

At 10:09 AM, July 20, 2006, Blogger riadiosa said...

FJ, ang ganda po ng istorya. madaling sabihin ngayon na i will/can let go of my rope. pero kapag dumating yung panahon na kailangan nga bumitaw, mahirap sagutin iyan. malayo pa para masabing matatag na ang faith ko. pero i'm working on it! =) God Bless at sana gumaling na si ikaw =)

At 12:43 PM, July 20, 2006, Blogger atoy said...

ganda ng mensahe. akmang-akma sa mga tunay na pangyayaring nasaksihan ko nitong mga huling araw.

At 1:39 AM, July 21, 2006, Blogger Ka Uro said...

nice story flex. thanks for sharing. napaisip na naman ako.

At 11:17 AM, July 21, 2006, Blogger lil _kath said...

... oh , u made me speechless again ;( , that was a great story of Faith... if he only listened then maybe he did make it, hirap talaga pag pinakinggan lang natin yung na isip natin no? and we don't listen to GOD's Words though he can give all the security and we just need to believe HIM.

..one good post again dear, thanx! and to GOD be the glory!

stay blessed!
and enjoy weekend!


At 11:22 AM, July 21, 2006, Blogger lil _kath said...

... oops get well soon FJ , In JESUS name!


At 1:17 PM, July 21, 2006, Blogger Flex J! said...

tama ka napakadali nga ring i-post ito, pero pag dumating lang yung pagkakataong we need to make a difficult choice eh saka lang natin malalaman kung hanggang saan ang faith natin sa Kanya...

Fafa Atoy,
naging curious tuloy ako, ano ba yung sinasabi mong nasaksihan mo kanina? share mo naman.... :)

pareho tayo, nag self-check nga ako ng balikan ko itong kwentong to eh...

Absolutely! To God be all the glory for all the lessons so clear and loving He brings along our way.

I'm well now! Thanks!

--flex j!--

At 7:42 AM, July 22, 2006, Blogger Luchie said...

What a nice insightful entry! I'll also reflect on my life and know and learn myself how am I attracted to the ropes of my life.
Thanks for this entry!

At 6:39 PM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Godzheart said...

Wow this is a beautiful entry...God Bless you Flex, and also hope you get well soon.

At 4:45 PM, October 04, 2006, Blogger Nunzia said...

hope you feel better soon :) thanks for sharing that!

At 5:02 PM, October 14, 2006, Anonymous myepinoy said...

Hope you are feeling okay now. May God Bless you.

BTW, this is where i blog now at http:/myepinoy.wordpress.com

At 8:56 AM, November 29, 2006, Anonymous Prayer Warrior said...

Hi Felix

How are you? Hope you are all well.

Thank you for yr support and encouragements over the years. I have decided to stop blogging. Kindly remove my link "The Spirit of Life" on yours.

All the best and God bless!



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