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Saturday, March 06, 2010

New Face Of and In Politics.

Bumabangon na raw ang Pilipinas.., Bakeet? Natutulog ba? Iyan po ang mga palasak kong naririnig sa mga kababayang namimilosopo..pero sa totoo lang po, If you observed keenly and listen to what foreign people are saying, talaga pong lugmok na ang Mahal nating Bayan. We are a nation badly damaged by corruption, ipagpaumanhin nyo po pero..gone are the days of principled politics and politicians, medyo dumarami na raw po ang lahi ng mga politiko nating "buwaya". It's been released by no less than World Bank or IMF ba?... that 40-50% of our taxes are chanelled into corruption. Pambihira, pati corruption may budget na sa kaban ng bayan and ironically it is skyrocketing. Congrats! Pang-apat na yata tayo sa most corrupt country in the world. AHHH! Poor LUZVIMINDA....kailangan talagang bumangon ka.

In this coming election, we are again presented an opportunity to use our sacred votes wisely. Piliin po nating mabuti ang mga kandidato, Let's validate them well, like the gold..,Let's put all of them in a furnace with flaming fire to determine their purity, huwag na tayong magpatanso, examine them, don't be carried away nor be swayed by popular opinions, winability and paid surveys. Like what I understand from our good bishops in CBCP. Look for substance and integrity, not personality and money, Vote Concientiously! For this could spell the very opportunity for us to stand proud again as a nation like before. Let's promote a new face of politics....posible pa!

A New WHAT??

Yes! you got me right, A new Face of Politics.....consist of credible men and women with integrity, hindi po kayang tawaran..di mabibili ang prinsipyo, ika nga..the world is too poor to buy my convictions and principles... dahil alam nila that there is no profit even if they gain the whole world but lost their own soul. They profess it and they live it. People with umblemish record throughout their field of careers. They have their own dignified character and not a shadow of anyone belonging to traditional politics. They are willing to be under the microscopic checking vision of anyone who wishes to, at anytime while serving, dahil wala silang tinatagong corrupt activities that's why they are pushing for a transparent government na obviously ayaw ng mga trapo. Di po sila mga anghel..pero considered mga bayani ng bagong politika dahil handa nilang ibigay ang kani-kanilang buhay at banggain ang lumang sistema ng politics at kalabanin ang kasakiman ng mga malalakas na buwaya ...we need these kind of people now. God help us....

Kasi po..,
A certain dogma from certain people is being passed around implying us to choose between evil and lesser evil,...this makes my heart bleeds when some people considered this as a modern wisdom, implying hopelessness and absence of good people for good governance..Mga Kababayan Ko!!..we don't need to sink down to this level and believe such an inspiring(?) deception! We can choose from evil to better. May Pag-asa pa....Kaya pa!

Kahit pa po....
Some (if not many)of our present politicians do not fear to do wrong, and what they fear is to be caught doing wrong.
And this has been their way of life, and exponentialy spreading to some other government's departments and offices as well...Gagawa ng maraming arguments and gimmicks to divert, delay and escape justice if smoke becomes visible. We are poor and still becoming poorer. And sadly, these people among us are more inclined to occupy a position rather than to contribute for uplifment of the people's livelihood. We really need a new Face Of and In Politics.

Just an acquired insight...

I honestly think that changing the system is good as the situation calls for it, but currently, It's not primarily the system that needs to be change! I think, it's the people behind the system who are tasked to implement it. How many systems did we change for the past years yet our condition still worsens. If we are to truly change this nation towards greatness, we must first undergo changes from within, BECAUSE ONLY CHANGED PEOPLE CAN BRING ABOUT AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE!. And I'm being persuaded with such convictions that those people, irrespective of religion, who values real change with complete dependance to God are who we should vote in the government positions today. Nasubukan na po natin lahat ng mga trapong magagaling daw. With all those gifts of intelligence, patriotism, inheritance and experience they possess accordingly(?), yet where are we today?, it HURTS, but as a nation, we fail...and again, fail miserably! kasi po mas nauuna yata yung personal interes at utang na loob sa mga malalaking politiko at negosyante kaysa sa Diyos at Bayan. Again..A New Face of and In Politics is WANTED!

Apart from ME you can do NOTHING! This is what the good Book says...Look, I don't want to sound a holier than thou religious guy here because I am not!, but considering our current position, I have come to a viewpoint that we need no less than a miracle to rise again. And we can never have that miracle without GOD. Our many politicians talk about God especially in this election season, but many fail to walk accordingly. Our political history has been telling us that. Many tend to compromise at times when nobody's looking and when we talk about God in our marketplace or offices, we somehow declined it by shifting to a more interesting topic daw..parang showbiz na rin ...kakahiya eh..wala sa lugar..,corny. Perhaps this is the very reason why we are now where we are...simply because we did not dare to elect a true godly man to put God where He should be---and that's IN THE MIDST OF OUR EVERY ACTIVITIES..co'z nowadays, it is widely considered out of context...dapat sa church lang Siya...In politics, some interpret it as seperation of church and state. And furthermore, this rule also applies when a known Godly people run for highest office as well,,my apologies, but I fail to see the point in there. Kahit sino ba pwedeng mag-presidente wag lang Pastor o Ebanghelista even if overwhelmingly qualified. We really need a BIG and radical change that should start and eminate from us thru our concientious way of choosing candidates. Sino pa ba ang unang aasahan sa tunay na pagbabago???..EDDIE TAYO! A new Face of and in politics.,

Kaya nga many times now, I'm been finding myself calling to HIM for this miracle, that we could have a clean and honest election, that HE could put us, all filipinos in the place where He can reveal HIMSELF to us in a deeper, and personal manner, that we could elect thru our collective wisdom, a president and leaders who has the godliness, integrity, leadership and character embedded within them. They, who are not beholden to any big politicians nor businesses but beholden to only God and People! Kahit di po mayaman, kahit di po sikat, kahit walang inheritance at hindi trapo basta dapat subok na matapat at may paninidigan. Let's have that new Face in and of Politics for a new hope, improve standard, clean government and for the sake of our children's future. It's difficult to claim and promise ang anim na taong walang kurapsyon pero sa kamay ng mga taong tunay na naglilingkod sa Diyos at Bayan, POSIBLE ito at BABANGON TAYO!---MANIWALA KA!

Have A Blessed day!

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
Proverbs 14:34


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