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Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Blog for my Mom!

A Pleasant Day!...

I am quite in a bit of hesitation writing a piece about my mom, I mean.., to all mothers in the world because I don't want to sound like a mama's boy in the process. I am a bigger than average filipino guy you know, and its kind of awkward for a grown up man to talk about the "things" regarding mommy, it somehow makes me feel I'm exposing men's weakness and soft spot. Quite unlikely a man's talk, but what the heck..I love all the MOMS who undergone and still undergoing sacrifices, walking extra, extra mile for their siblings in the name of love. That is why, I presume, great men existed and still existing because there are great women,--mothers to be specific, who lovingly nurtured and developed the well being of such greatness.

In my seminar hopping days...

I clearly recall the words of one speaker who uttered one proverb of the jews accordingly, "That God couldn't be everywhere therefore He made Mothers" We know its not true from the biblical point of view for God is Omnipresent. But the thing is...perhaps..,Jews came up with that idea due to their high regard of each mothers' role in the life of a human being. 'Cause good and godly mothers know that it really takes more blood and sweat to turn a house to home where children could find refuge, guidance, and strength that will enable them to discover and fulfill their purpose.

In my childhood days...

I saw the very process on how my mom stand and supported my father when his company went bankrupt. We're on ground zero and future is so bleak. I sometimes caught her shedding tears with much worries for our future. She usually gather us and utter these these words (that until now still ringing in my ears), "Anak ayokong magaya kayo sa akin, gusto kong makatapos kayo. May awa ang Diyos." In that dim situation of lackness, she never displayed any pessimism nor utter negative remarks and point to hopelessness. And it was that example which introduced me to what they call "FAITH" on SOMEONE SO BIG yet I don't see.

And Just Today...

As I looked back, I have realized a valedictorian revelation--that apart from God's love generally manifested thru every mother's cuddling and comforting care,...a man's strength has nothing to air. Truly true as it is..., A mothers' love is often a personification of God's Unconditional Perfect Love.
With all due respect to every hardworking smart man as myself :), "Though our work is from rising of sun to dawn, it's still incomparable to mother's work which is never done."

Kaya po...
Inay Mahal na mahal ko po kayo! I don't care kahit sabihin nila na mama's boy ako. Uulitin ko pa rin!!....Mahal na mahal ko po Kayo! Isusulat ko pa sa Blog ko 'to at ipa-publish in the world wide web.
Sapagkat para po sa akin, you are like a neverending song of comfort, happiness, and being. And when I sing out loud, I may sometimes forget the words but I will never-ever forget the tune.
And now...that my kids are grown, I somehow understand how much work and love it takes to raise and to keep a family together. The example of your strength, devotion and patience is now rippling through the generations. I can't Thank you enough!
You are the Creator's gift that one would want to cling forever. You have given much---beyond my measure.
And someday, when I stand before God,... I will never forget to thank Him everytime, for providing your presence in my life! I LOVE YOU INAY!

Happy Mother's day to all Great MOMS!

Exo 20:12
Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you!


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