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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Hmmmm....(searching for a subject)

It's been quite a while since I sit down, concentrate and come up with a post on my blogsite. I seem to have been suffering from the razzle-dazzle virus, you know!...that virus of multi-tasking that pressures yourself and test your patience. And for some sudden reasons I found myself pushing more, beyond wee hours to accomplish a task passed by other people. Hey no regrets...for I believe that "all things will work together for good...", it's just that at times, I can't help it but ask myself how will I beat those deadlines of reports when I mostly spend my hours at the pier making sure that our shipment would arrive on time or else.....sigh! (somewhere, somehow and somebody will suffer)


In those moments of waiting at the pier, I find myself siezing the opportunity to talk with God, 'don't know why, it just occured to me, perhaps it's due to the absence of worthy reading materials while waiting or my spirit just longs for His presence or I haven't thank him quite enough for all the blessings. (ahh, definitely we can never thank him enough!) And possibly, it might have been the fruit of that daily scripture readings that I did during my youthful, aggressive and "pasaway" days. Yeah!, you read it right, I found those scriptures quite interesting that I was motivated to spend some time to ponder it. (Btw. 'am still young! hehe) Somehow, those praises in Psalms, liberating quotes in the Proverbs and other inspiring histories in the "Book" had instilled and embedded a wonderful and suggestive thought that has develop into a habit of simple "breath prayers". A clear indication that our spirit yearns for His Creator. I just talk about those things that I want to share with, whenever I'm alone with Him. Just anything I could possibly think of, I just tell God without hesitation, my longings, appreciations, verses that I was able to memorize or questions that's bothering me...just anything...with all due respect of course. As if I'm having a conversation to a very dear friend who knows practically just about everything in details about me.


These practice has helped me to feel relieved from some damaging stress of daily, fast-paced, busy and polluted Manila life. Yes it definitely does. It's quite a form of outlet for me. I find myself very rest-assured and relaxed after these "breath prayers". It also brings me inner peace afterwards. The assurance and confidence that I won't get lost or I won't be caught in a hopeless situation, is so overwhelmingly sensed. Indeed, it is refreshingly inspiring to move again and conquer whatever objective set before me after such breath of prayers.


It does deepened my closeness to the Prince of peace, a relationship that has started way back. I really didn't figure that this relationship would last to change me (Yes! I've been changed) and my whole perspective of life for I am very stubborn and sooo traditionally religious guy, an "Akologists" at it's best, yung bang ako ng ako lagi! (Always Me, Myself and Mine) but it does happened, Almighty has made a way for such a mess like me! Little by little I was able to leave those habits that damages me and learned to shift my attention to a more beneficial activities that contributes possitively. Relation did it. Not a new religion. Relation that bloomed because God was permitted to act through that simple prayer of surrender I made when I personally accepted Him.


At times I fall into traps along the way, you know.., all those weaknesses, persecutions, difficulties and wordly come-ons. Its hooks on me doesn't dissapeared overnight. It takes more dependence on the Higher Being. But these breath-prayers albeit limited and small, strongly helped me in avoiding such wrong turns. I am just reminding God of his promises (I tell you, we should know it by heart) whenever things comes too overwhelmingly for me.


My breath prayers has been heard, here comes the shipment at last with out delays. Praises to God! I can rest my physical being now.


At the end of the day...you have to appreciate that opportunity to breath. And...if somebody, somehow, would be inspired to have a breath prayers...be sure to do it discreetly and orderly with senses fully functioning or you might miss your shipment, worse, some people might think you're crazy. (smiles..)

Have a blessed day!

Psalm 32:3
When I keep things to myself, I felt weak deep inside me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Dads Can't Do...

From a children's book about dads and kids,entitled What Dads Can't Do by Douglas Wood, illustrated in charming renditions of cute, huggable dragons. Here's little sampling:

"There are lots of things that regular people can do but dads can't.
Dads can't cross the street without holding hands.
They can push, but they can't swing.
When dads play hide and seek they always get found, but they have a hard time finding you.
Dads really need to be kissed goodnight at bedtime.
It's a wonder they make it through life at all!"

I especially like the hide and seek part because of how God reveals himself to us. On one hand, he hides from us; on the other, he makes himself very obvious to those who are truly seeking him. If you seek the Lord with all your heart, finding him will be a little like finding a big dinosaur-sized dragon hiding behind a palm tree. This is one of the reasons why people who see the reality of God in their lives and in their world can't understand why everyone can't see what they see. To them it is so entirely obvious, but to those who are not “in the game,” God and truth remain shrouded.

Now I know it's heresy to imply that there is something God (as Dad) can't do, but in one case I suggest this is true. He can't let everyone know who he is in order to uphold the integrity of the human beings he has created in his image who choose not to have him in their life. In a sense, you could say God has upheld the dignity of those who won't believe. If God were like a dinosaur-sized dragon hiding behind a palm tree for everyone, you would be a fool for not believing. As it is, you are a fool for believing because something not obvious to most people is obvious to you. The faith that God gives believers, through their ability to see and hear him, is strong enough to counter looking like a fool.

I think the lesson here is to make sure we give people the dignity God gives them. That is, the freedom to choose not to believe.

Jesus spoke in parables to hide the truth, and then said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” The implication being: Some people have other things to do with their ears than listen for God. Jesus never berated people for not believing, he just kept encouraging those who did.(J. Fischer)

Happy Father's Day to all!!

Deuteronomy 4:29
But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.(NIV)