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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


It was my first time to attend the PINOYZ2NZ meet last Saturday together with a friend, Bluegreen. Quite an exciting and informative gathering. Members unselfishly sharing experiences in their application progress. Patay ang negosyo ng mga consultancies dito, sabi ko na nga bat kaya ng pinoy and magdamayan eh, kahit walang inaantay na kapalit. There were discussions of many frequent asked questions in NZ applications together with the Do's and Don'ts. Andun pa ang isa kong school mate, nasa WTR stage na sya. Sana next time sa NZ na kami magkita.

Meron isang nakakatuwa akong naranasan, gutom na talaga kami ni Bluegreen dahil na-delay yung food na inorder namin, kaya panay tingin ko sa likod kung dumating na. At nung dumating na, kinuha ko agad para makakain kaso and diskusyon naman nung kumakain ako eh tungkol sa Body Mass Index (BMI) at waistline na very strict daw ang medical requirement ng NZ. Halos ayaw ko na tuloy sumubo at baka tumaba na naman ako. Biniro nga ako ni Jinkee na tumigil na. hehehe, anong tigil-tigil kain at magpakabusog paborito ko pa naman yung lauriat. ayun! parang dinilaan ng aso yung plate ko pagkatapos...

I was able to meet those friends from afar...Jinkee, Marhgil, Angelman and Ka Uro. Parang feeling ko eh matagal ko na silang kilala dahil sa pagbabasa ko ng blog nila and they were truly very friendly and kind. Si Ka Uro nga napakasimple, and very humble considering that many of the attendees were there just to see and hear him talk, walang kaere-ere sa katawan kaya pala most of the people were drawn to him.

Sayang lang at ang pictures na kinuha ko through my cellphone wasn't developed pretty well. Dapat nai-post ko na dito, kasi naman gumagamit pa ng low-tech eh!

Anyways, dalangin ko lang na lahat sana pumasa sa application nila sa NZ at nang duon naman magkaron ng meet.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love HIm,who have been called according to His purpose.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Best Way to Express Love is.......

All of life is a series of relationship. There are few or no people who will find any satisfaction if they have to live a life alone. God knows that, that's why Eve came to the picture. The fullest enjoyment (and perhaps achievement too!) of this life is deriving from the times we are able to share joys and sorrows, experiences and ideas with the dear people we have. Unfortunately, with the never-ending distractions and demands (and attractions too) that flood our lives, we tend to live so much for tomorrow and the "job that has to be done" with it. As a unwanted result, our relationship become shallow, unsatisfying and ineffective. Worst, the very dear people whom we are supposed to derived our strength becomes at times an irritation because we're too pre-occupied with something else. (or in other case, someone else!)

Back then, I was one of the particular MEN (and now women too I heard...) who doesn't understand this. All the while I thought that...,by providing my dear ones with the necessities and (at times) luxuries of life, I'm already taking care of them at my best. That's why I spend most of my time in work to come up with enough and make them happy. Leave early and arrive late for home was once my routine......just for them.

I was rebuked one day when my eldest daughter asked me to buy her a "post-it-notes" like the one I use in my office. I felt quite proudly satisfied for her, thinking that she is learning to become organize by using those "post-it-notes" to remind her of the priorities in school's schedules.

And so I thought.....

Feeling of curiousity and eagerness of confirmation excitedly pushed me to ask her the question "Why?". She answered awkwardly by saying....."Papa, Isusulat ko na lang ang gusto kong sabihin sa yo dito, tapos dikit ko sa pinto kasi di na tayo nagkikita at nagkakausap ng matagal eh, lagi kang busy...miss na kita". Haa! It struck me so hard that my face turned pale! I was convicted, embarassed and so touched.

That was an eye opener that made me reconsider and improve my ways and priorities. It also points me to the simple yet very loud truth..., that each of us has only one life....a short one with equal amount of time each day. And when your time is given to someone or something, you are giving a portion of your life that you'll never get back. That's why the greatest gift you can give to someone very dear and loved are not diamonds, roses and chocolates, but it is your time.....your quality time that can be felt, not just presence. A very focus attention of love that concentrates so intensely that you forget yourself at the moment...somehow. (lalim nito ah...ako ba ito!).

As what R. Warren says...
"The essence of Love is not what we think or do or provide for others but how much we give of ourselves."
In our final moments, when our life is about to end, I believe, we will not be asking to bring our diplomas and trophies, gold watch and diamonds jewelries, bank accounts and acquired properties, but instead we would ask to be sorrounded by people we love and have relationship with. And we will all realize then that relationship are what life is all about and family relationships are second to none in priority-----except God!

Discovering this, made me express my concern and love to all of my dear ones in whatever way I can, and while I can, because time's running, various changes constantly occur, people die, and children grow. Someday my beautiful daughters will not sit on my lap or my parents won't give me advices anymore. No more goodnight kisses, hugs and prayers with them. I don't want to look back with so much regret because of what I fail to do when I have the chance to do it. So I might as well live each moment with them fully so it's value will always be with me.

Wisdom, accordingly is knowing and acting the truth sooner rather than later. The best expression of love is your quality time and the best time to express your love is ...NOW!

Kapag nabasa ito na mga kapatid, anak at ng esmi ko...sasabihin ng mga yon eh...Ang galing nung quality time mo, pero wag mo ring kalimutan yung diamonds, gold and money, ok din yun sa 'min, penge ha. (sablay tayo dyan) Hmmmmm....pero maganda nga yata ang combination...may point sila...hehehe

Have a blessed day!


1John 3:18
"My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love which shows itself in action." (TEV)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

For YOU.....Peace Crusaders...

I have met lots of people here in cyberworld...sadly, mostly were just "lying huricane" trying to boast around and make fun of you. That's why, it has instilled in my wandering mind na dito sa Cyberweb ay walang totoong tao, puro bolahan lang at asaran, pag pikon ka talo ka na. Magyabang ka na ng magyabang di naman nila alam kung sino ka...kaya di ako nagpapakilala ng totoo kahit kanino para makaiwas sa mga ganitong klaseng tao and for privacy and security reasons din. All defenses are up when I'm in web, even my name is hidden to everyone.....back then.

I thought I'd like to start a new way of dealings in this webworld just to make a difference pero to my surprise, ang dami na pala. I'm so glad I discovered them! These are THE PEOPLE.....noble contributors, friends afar, peace lovers, kingdom builders....

Marami palang mga descent and sensible na totoong tao dito at handang magbigay ng assistance through first hand and valid informations regarding various subjects and predicaments your into, and surprinsingly...free!, without anything in return, just plainly helping...(christianity in action!) di mo pa yan nami-meet ha. Some people I know, are at times, providing financial assistance to truly needy people they just met here in web. (they really exist!). Some guys are so good to brilliantly oppose any negativeness in some forms by giving birth to a great movement. All the while, this is not really my expectation due to some bad situations I've heard and experienced from some people here, but I was wrong...terribly wrong.

The latest very good move and example I've seen is this peacecrusader idea....WOW! Congratulations to people who initiated and support this movement. It kills bitterness and divisiveness before it happens, it murders malicious intents of some and halt negative reaction that could rob us the joy and harmony in blogging. It distinctively promotes peace without fail, invitations of friendship without boundaries, excitement towards new learnings by the ideas and informations exchange and possitive reactions towards every blogspot visitors. Indeed! This was a great move from great minds of great people! Kudos....Guys!!!! So glad to know you! Sana dumami pa lahi nyo! Galing! Husay!

Have a blessed day and Glory to the living God!


Proverbs 12:8
A man is praised according to his wisdom, but men with warped minds are despised.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Growing Old and Growing Up!

Sigh! Sumapit na naman po ang araw na kung saan ako ay mag-aaddition ng isang taon sa araw-araw na paglakad ko sa mundong ito. Nag-leave ako sa opis para ipasyal ng konti ang pamilya sa SM at mag-celebrate ng konti privately with my family. Sinabay ko na rin ang paghahanap ng idea na magandang isulat sa blog, pero parang engrossed ako sa mga bata habang pinapanood ko silang naglalaro at nagtatawanan, habang naglalakad sa mall at habang kumakain. They're so enjoyable to watch. Kakatuwa to be children that once I've been. Kahit simple lang ang celebration napasaya ang mga bata at syempre mas masaya ako pag masaya sila.(Tatay na nga ako!) Malapit na pala akong mag-forty and I can't help wandering If I could just stay cool and satisfied for the rest of my life just as today. But that was just a wish, that could never come true cause I've set myself to continue moving on, harvest learning, and contribute as long as I could. Growing forward...ika nga ni Blue. Masarap din paminsan-minsan ay balikan mo yung triumph and kapalpakan mo sa buhay, napapangiti kang mag-isa, huwag ka lang hahalakhak ng malakas at baka may dumampot sa iyo.

Reminiscing those youthful years lead me to realize how quickly time flies and how, in some way, one wants it back. Approaching the middle of life cause people to think. Especially when you notice wrinkles and laugh lines in your face. Strength is fading as well as speed. Hard muscles turning soft and hair is decreasing...mostly.(tabi-tabi po!) Being young has it's physical advantages that everybody love to enjoy until we can. But we get older and these advantages also slips away. For some, I can noticed the tendency to hold on "staying young". How they spend much time and money on some anti-aging hormones, hair loss remedies or plastic surgeries just to look and stay younger, like once before. There's nothing wrong with staying healthy, or in good shape and keeping oneself alert with what's happening in the world....but being obsessed with staying young physically could rob one of enjoying the sweet feeling of moving on. Because, again...the reality is we get older and don't really stay young, we cannot cheat time no matter how advance our technology nowadays. By undergoing such unnatural process, we are just trying to create an illusion (mostly for ourselves) that we are exempted in physically fading away (so to speak). I honestly think that it's more beneficial for us to rather spend most of our time not in making ourselves "look good to feel good"..., but to be really good and equipped, to nurture those gained wisdom from the years to be passed on to youth. Because spending time fighting the natural process only steals from our enjoyment of it...

Just a thought.....Have a blessed day!

Proverbs 3:13
Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Death Around Me......

Had some shocks in my life from the past few days.....

I witnessed an aftermath of a tragic road acciddent while on my way to work, ang aga-aga pa trapik na sa coastal highway...yun pala may tumawid na matandang lalaki (highway ito ha!) at di nailagan ng sasakyan, it's brakes was not applied on time perhaps due to the short distance between them. Whew! First time in my life to see.... Blood sprawling on the road from a lifeless body of an old man just lying there. Happened in a blink of an eye. Help arrived but.......

Again on my way to work, it was still dark about 5 AM. I was supposed to ride in the frontseat of the vehicle that stopped in my front, but was hindered by the incoming car which blocked my path so I decided to sit in the rear. We were traveling quite fast I noticed, kasi pag lumiliko napapahawak ako sa handle nung pinto. Then in one sharp curve a tricycle suddenly appeared, humawak na lang ako ng mahigpit sa handle at yumuko...C R A S H!!!! Front glass shattered (Wind shield), few broken fragments reached me but fortunately wasn't able to wound me. Immediately, I got out from the FX and pacify the mother sitting in front of me who is crying and checking her baby for any possible wound. I took the baby gently and raised her. "Wala po di tayo inabot ng broken glass, fortunately, natakpan tayo ng pasahero sa harapan" I assured her. Afterwhich, I saw the tricycle driver lying around 7-8 meters from me still alive and groaning in pain beside the wrecked cycle. I shouted for help on the by-standers who quickly responded. (Thank God!) Guys in the front who served as our cover took almost all the broken pieces from the windshield. I don't know how many wounds they've got, one thing for sure ...it's painful, Thanks anyhow......

Another one, just happened last week and this one's personnal....My phone alarmed while I'm about to board an FX taxi. I didn't check it at baka maunahan pa ako sa pagsakay. Agawan kasi eh. When I was already conveniently sitting inside the FX, that's when I took my phone and a text message read as...."Kuya wala na si Nanay"...It was from my cousin's. Suddenly..I felt cold and speechless. I try to hold myself together and stop my tears due to this tragic news. I was just planning to visit her in afternoon but it was cancer in the fourth stage which robbed me. I missed her smiles whenever we talked. Memories of my Auntie still lingers...I don't know but....somehow, something is being drain from me whenever this kind of info reach me. One thing though...my cousin informed me that she surrendered her life to Christ days before it happened, and that means a lot to me, Tita....In God's time we'll see each other again......

Looking back in these days made me earnestly seek guidance from a more powerful Being that can guarantee security and salvation in my daily life before starting a day. Shocking situations like these could possibly make you quite drained and afraid...and might result to who knows what....kaya kahit sabihin nung mga barkada ko na corny na raw ako dahil mahilig na raw akong mag pray at bumasa ng inspirational stories and Bible, OKs lang yun sa 'kin........sigurista na ako eh, Ayaw ko nang pumusta sa sabong ng mga manok, ibang "kristo" nakita ko don, lo-dyes ng lo-dyes, madalas talo kahit liyamado pa....napatay na manok mo inulam pa ng iba.(sigh!) Pati pagtaya sa karera ng kabayo ayaw ko ng pasukin, iba ring jockey jesus ang nakita ko ron...walang kasiguruhan, panalo na natalo pa. tsk, tsk tsk.....

I found a new way of living and this made me courageously face some unexpected and quite unlikely situations of life. I still cry , I still struggle and I still miserably fail, but knowing God, not by religion but through a very personnal relationship, empowers my daily journey......and yes, in any situation. Even death that comes like the thief of the night which many people in all ages fear..,doesn't worry me anymore and I can confidently asked it...."O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"(as what St. Paul said to Corinth, ICor 15:55). So then...just accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & personal Savior....no strings attached, for sure you will go to heaven.

Death.....do you still fear it? 'Hope not! Have a blessed day!!!


Phil. 1:21
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.....