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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wendy's Tag

This is in response to a tag by a new blogfriend Wendy. Thanks for the tag....

20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts”

1.Real name is Felix Jun
2.Jun lang sana yun eh, nakialam ang Paring nagbinyag sa kin kaya nadagdagan ng Felix. (And they lived hapilly afterwards....)
3.I'm heavy weight at 100 kgs, trying hard to bring it down
4.Panganay ako at nag-iisang lalaki, kaya ako ang pinakapoging anak na parents ko.
5.Basketball, Volleyball and chess player ako nung younger days...
6.I'm not religious..I just love the LORD!
7.Manila Boy but longs for province life.
8.Supervisor sa isang company.
9.Happily married.
10.With 2 beautiful and smart daughters.
11.Lived and work in Japan for two and a half years...(hindi macho dancer ha!)
12.Fond of reading anybook at hand and recently writing.
13.Graduate of Mechanical Engineering.
14.Stands 1.75 meter
15.Loves to play with my chikitings in yard.
16.Moody yet mature.(bahala na kayong mag-explain!)
17.Likes Gary V. and Nyoy Violante (gaya ni Wendy, pero di ko crush ha...)
18.open-minded at tatlo kaming magkakapatid. (ano kaya kuneksyon nun?)
19.TV gaga...(kinukontrol ko na po!) (meron bang TV gago?)
20.Passion of Christ..one of my favorites..(kabibili ko pa lang ng kopya di ko pa napapanood hehehe!)

I will pass this tag to Blue (syempre para makapag-post sya...*wink), Archie, (dumating ka na ba?) and Kadyo, (meron ka na ba nito?)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Throwing Garbage Away!

Once a week a truck moves slowly down our street, pausing at every house. Full and sometimes overflowing garbage containers are picked up, emptied into the truck and returned to each house. During the next week as the rubbish accumulates and the odor increases, we became eager for the return of the garbage truck.

More repulsive than this is the personnal trash that accumulates inside our hearts and minds. Some of our garbage-----hatred, self-centeredness, bitterness, lust-----is obviously foul. But even what looks like good deeds or upright behaviour can reek like garbage if contaminated by our selfish pride.

The Bible called these garbage sins. The thing that blocks or hide the face of Almighty from us. But God made a way for us. He even outlined His system disposal of our garbage. "If we confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1Jonh 1:9)

Thank God!! His sin disposal is available everyday and everywhere,not just in church on Sunday. We need not fear revealing it to HIm, for He already knows them.

**Written by J.E. Yoder**

I understand He wants to get rid of our garbage, let us let Him.

Have a blessed day!!

Proverbs 28:13
He who coceals his sin does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pampangiti at Pamparelaks na rin...

o sige, tingin lang at nakakahawa 'to! Gayahin na rin natin....para lahat masaya!!!!

Sino Kamukha?

Have a blessed day!!

Matthew 18:3
And He said:"I'll tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kindom of heaven."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Poison Within.

Many of us are tempted to hold back or cling to the years where we experienced bitterness or resentments that may have steamed from someone whom we argued with, painful events, the way we were raised, backstabs of close people or a misunderstanding. Instead of praying for the wound to be healed, we, as fragile people easily dwell into the bitterness of the past somehow, as if doing it could cause the people who hurt us to feel the pain even more than we do. We overlooked the fact that holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. If we think that hatred is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us, we're terribly wrong!, because hate, holding anger, resentment, grudges, revenge or bitterness (whatever you call it) is a curved blade, and the harm we think we do to others, we do to ourselves...stronger and more painful. It is also a rabid dog that turns on it's owner and like grabbing a rattlesnake by it's tail, you are going to be bitten...for sure!
Resentment is a cocaine of emotions. It causes our blood to pump and our energy level to rise. But also like the coccaine, it demands increasingly large and more frequent dosages. There is a dangerous point at which anger ceases to be an emotion and becomes a driving force. A person who bent on revence moves unknowingly further and further away from being able to forgive, for to be without anger is to be without the source of energy.(The Applause of Heaven)
Whenever we hold on to our anger, we start to believe that our positions are more important than our happiness, but in reality they are not! We must understand that being right is almost never more important than allowing yourself to be happy. So be cool and happy, will yah?!

While reading this, some of you might be thinking...you don't have any idea how hard my life has been. And you are absolutely right! I don't!.......,but I have a very clear idea (learned from having been a carrier this poison) that you will be more miserable in the future unless you deal with it the right way. So we must learn to let go and let God! (heard the cliche?) A person who harbors unforgiveness always losses. Hey!, it ain't easy to start the cure, but it sure will make you enjoy life better.

Forgive and Forget, forgetting is only the final step, it is dependent first on forgiving. One frees us to do the other. Forget all the pain but not the wisdom we could gain. Remember the lessons that comes with it and be a better contributor in this painful world.

We cannot alter the pain of yesterday, that is true, but our reaction to yesterday....we can!

Have a day full of smiles!

Proverbs 29:11
A fool gives full vent to his anger but a wise man keeps himself under control.(NIV)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tag na naman po....

Both Kadyo and Bing has tagged me, Thanks to both of you...

Two in a Day

a. Is It Really Bad to Stare?
It's not that bad to stare especially when you're doing it behind a good reason. Ako, I stare to whoever is on front teaching a lesson to connect and understand the lecture whenever I'm into one. I also stare in admiration to people and things. But staring in the Philippines at times, causes untoward incidents such as violence. Dami nga sa dyaryo na nagkatitigan lang umbagan na, that's why it pays to be careful in doing so. 'Got to clearly apply the staring thing in an approriate situations...

Huwag kang tumitig sa mga mukhang adik. (nakup! delikado)
Huwag ka ring tititig kung kirat ka, nakup uli baka mapagkamalan presko ka ng mga babae. (hehehe) masampal ka pa!
Huwag kang mag-stare kung guapo ka (tulad ko, sabi ng nanay ko at ng mga anak ko pag may pasalubong ako!) baka habulin ka ng mga bading at chikas syempre...
Huwag ka ring tititig sa may utang sa yo...mawawala yon di ka makakasingil.
Huwag ka ring tititig sa mga pulis..mayron dyan kokotongan ka pa, talo!
Huwag kang tititig sa duling o sa mga looking weird na mga tao, baka mahawa ka or worse isipin nila pinagtatawanan mo sila, away yan!
Huwag ka ring tititig sa guapo, sabay kagat labi...malamang bading ka hehehe (yaks!)
Titigan mo na lang yung bulag....di nila alam yon hehehehe

b. Do You Have a Favorite Song?

I think everybody has one, co'z a song or music in general is also a universal language which everyone enjoy clinging to. It somehow inspires us to do things with great excitement and unite people to move on carrying one objective. It has the power to relax the mind and sooth the soul to be agrressive again in accomplishing a noble task. It also brings humor to the dissapointed ang embarrased hearts to remind us to laugh which is a good medicine accordingly....

Paborito kong song......Butchikik! (ang di tumawa Timawa!)

I'll pass this tag to Bluegreen, Darlene, Marhgil, Nao and Ka Uro para masaya!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


There was this story about a millionaire who attended a gathering. He sat next to some people who were discussing the subject of prayer. He joined the conversation by declaring "Prayer maybe alright for you but I don't need it. I worked for everything I have. I did not bother God to provide me anything!" One of the person there remarked "Sir, there's one thing you don't have that you might pray for." "And what that might be?" asked the millionaire. You Sir, could pray for humility.

There are really times in our lives that we became so prone to a certain amount of pride, especially in the midst of achievements, a good harvest, a house full of riches or a recognition of being a star. We are tempted to get all the glory from all of these and so eager to pronounce our self-sufficiency to the world. "Look at me. I'm very special. My story is more interesting and I'm more important. Just focus on me. Ako muna! Ako lang!!" To varying degrees, many of us engage in this habit much to our own detriment. It takes an enormous amount of energy to be continually bragging about your accomplishments or trying to convince others of your worth as a human being. Bragging actually dillutes the possitive feelings between you and others. The more you try to loudly prove yourself, the more people want to avoid you, talk behind your back and perhaps even resent you.

Although it's a difficult habit to break, it's not only enjoyable but actually peaceful to have the quiet confidence to be able to surrender your need for attention and instead share the joy of listening to others' glory.(R. Carlson)
Far better, we can acknowledge the Higher Being that give and allow all things for a greater reason than ourselves. Huwag laging Ako at Ako lang, lest you bacame an "Akologists"

Let us not get into trouble which enslave some of the so-called self-made men....... they worship their creator.

Have a blessed day!


Jeremiah 9:24
But let him who boast, boast about this: that he understand and knows Me, that I AM the Lord who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,"

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tag-Tag na ako.....sa Tag nyo....LOL!

Thanks for tagging me Blue...

1. Lapu-Lapu
2. Rizal
3. Ninoy Aquino
4. Bonifacio

1. Manny Pacquiao (matinding disiplina sa training)
2. Rizal Ulit (matindi tong taong to!)
3. Gary V.
4. Lorenzo Ruiz

1. Baguio (malamig)
2. Marinduque (moriones Festival and good Beaches)
3. wala na akong maisip, sama nyo na lang ako pag may lakad kayo...
4. Sabit na lang nga ako sa inyo...

1. Boracay
2. Davao
3. Cebu
4. Palawan

1. Jeep at tricycle, may de padyak pa nga eh...
2. Beaches
3. Karitela
4. Puno ng Niyog at saging

1. Ginataang Manok
2. Pinakbet
3. Litsong Manok
4. Bulalo

1. Wala rin akong maalala dahil preho kay Blue, tanong ko lang kung di ko na-gets...

1. Hangang (by Wency Cornejo)
2. Pinoy Ako!
3. Tupang Ligaw
4. Lupang Hinirang (sa ibang bansa)

1. Panutsa
2. Asukal
3. Tubo
4. Bukayo

1. Tubig
2. Batungbakal
3. Manalo
4. Bartolome

1. Barang!
2. Panis (palayaw ng Teopanis)
3. Segundo/Segunda (mas maganda kung First)
4. Ciriaco / Ciriaca

1. Sunka
2. Luksong tinik
3. Tumbang Preso
4. Moro-Moro

1. traffic
2. basura sa kalye
3. Mamaya na po style
4. Kurapsyon

1. sense of humor ng mga tao kahit taghirap
2. Pamilya..
3. mga magagandang tanawin
4. Maraming Fiesta..libre tsibog! LOL!

Boboto mo ba ako????

1. Jinkee
2. Ka Uro (kararating lang sa bakasyon eh)
3. Ka Atoy
4. Bing

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hello?? May time ka ba???...

One of my friend based in US (Leo M.) send me this reminder and I feel compelled to post it here. A heartwarming conviction that may open lot's of blessings....

Si Lord talaga alam kung kelan ako babatukan sa ulo. Here He is again trying to get my attention.

My Friend,

Hello!?...busy ka? Naku mukha nga... tagal na natin di nagkikita...tagal mo na ako di dinadalaw... alam mo miss na kita... o sino yang nagtext sa iyo?... buti pa sa kanya nakapagreply ka agad... napansin ko ang dami mong ginagawa talaga... ang dami mo ring things to do diyan sa planner mo ah!

Mapangarap ka talaga noh?... ang dami mong plano. Nakakatuwa naman na malaman yan. kasama ba ako sa plano mo? Ano? naku di ka agad makasagot... sige okay lang alam ko naman kung ano talaga sagot mo...*

Nakita kita nung Friday, aga mo umalis sa office. alam mo ba, ang akala ko pupuntahan mo ako. Ooppss! hindi pala! TGIF (THANK God its Friday) pala kayo ng mga friends mo. Umaga ka na nakauwi ah? Naghintay ako sa'yo, pagpasok mo sa kuwarto mo, di mo ako napansin... haaay! Kawawa ka naman pagod na pagod ka, siguradong kinabukasan masakit ang ulo mo, tanghali ka na gigising. Ang dami mong lakad, naghihintay ako na tayo naman ang maging magkasama kaya lang sa dami ng schedules mo sa trabaho at sa labas ng office parang malabo. O sige na, balik ka na sa work mo. I might be eating too much of your time maging dahilan pa ako para masira ang plano mo sa araw na ito...

Gusto ko lang sabihin sa'yo na nandito lang ako kapag kailangan mo ako...pag hindi ka na busy. totoo yon! walang biro! ayaw mong maniwala? Ganon kita kamahal kasi! ayaw mo pa ring maniwala? Haaay! remember this, kahit singit lang ako lagi sa buhay mo, kahit biglaan mo lang na natatawag ako dahil nagulat ka, nasaktan ka, nauntog ka o dahil part ang pangalan ko nung binabasa mo sa text, you will be in my heart always...

Trial after trial isipin mo kasama mo ako na lumalakad, hindi man sa buhangin, kasama mo pa rin ako... sa lahat ng plano mo , kahit hindi mo ako kasama perfecting it... para mas maging masaya ka... minsan tayo naman ang mag-usap ha? minsan ako naman ang dalawin mo...miss na talaga kita eh, usap tayo....

Sa akin hindi ka singit lang...


'Hope it made you pause for a while at nabigyan Siya ng oras...inaantay Niya tayong tumugon....


Jeremiah 31:3
The Lord appear to us in the past saying: I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness .

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A tale of two Prince(s)...

I was awakened one cold night by the sound of my noisy pets. "Aw! C'mon, these creatures are destroying my needed night rest"...and so I thought. I wanted to prevent them from continuing the irritating sound of their barks as I was worried that my neighbors would be disgruntled by the noise they are creating. So I opened up the lights outside to go out and pacify them.

As I was approaching the two holding a long piece of wood to hit them, I heard a sound somehow likened to that of a man running away. I really never bothered to check it for I am very sleepy and so irritated by these dogs. I just want to sleep and hit these dogs to silence them.

And so I did and they were silenced........

Next morning, I'm thinking of punishing these dogs by not giving them their usual breakfast but as I get into my car I noticed something. Hey one of my side mirror was missing!.. and it immediately occurred to me the reason why my dogs are barking continously last night, it's because of that stranger who ran away when I put on the lights last night, and if I was not awaken, who knows...They might already got my car for I was not able to park it inside the garage. 'Felt embarrassed for what I did to my dogs.....kakahiya! I approached them and hugged these faithful creatures and promised to buy them a special one for their dinner.....that I kept. Nahihiya pa rin ako sa kanila kaya pinasyal ko pa.....They have served the purpose why I got them in the first place...frightening those unwanted visitors....

By the way...Here they are, the two prince(s) in the family....named Prince Popeye (Brown) and Prince Bedie patiently and faithfully guarding the door kahit di ginto. Not expensively breed but just as faithful and useful. Ingat kayo.., not to count me as a foe or you'll gonna get them angry at you! Nangungutang yan...mapapatakbo ka!

Now, I understand why dogs are called a man's best friends...

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times and a brother is born of adversity.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Was Tagged Again...

i was tagged by the Marghil. Here are the answers.......

01. What is your favorite word (s)? Hallelujah! Pambihira, OK!, Shocks!

02. What is your least favorite word (s)? Syet!

03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? My daily personnal quiet time and a feeling that I could contribute.

04. What turns you off? Maingay! Akologist! (Yun laging AKO lang ang bida ta magaling!)

05. What is your favorite curse word (s)? WALA!

06. What sound or noise do you love? Inspirational Hymns. Sound of praises to the Living God!

07. What sound or noise do you hate? busina ng mga sasakyan, Pagmumura na parang bulaklak ng bibig.

08. What profession(s) other than your own would you like to attempt? Computer Technology,

09. What profession would you not like to do? Yun nanginingil ng utang sa phone, Yun nagsasayaw ng hubad kasi di ko kaya...laki tyan ko eh...

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Well done my good and faithful servant!"

11. People I will tag: Eeeya! Eeya, Eeya